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Honey, drone & worker brood

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  • Types of Beehives - I list over 40 types!
  • Educational videos from Perfect Bee
  • Calendar - for Florida Beekeeping
  • Literature - Publications, Blogs, etc.
  • Terminology and Acronyms
  • HOW to buy a Queen Bee
  • HOW to choose a hive TYPE - (coming "soon")
  • Jamie Ellis' "Field Guide to Beekeeping"
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  • Honey Labels, Facts, and Laws
  • My Hive Removals & Swarm Captures
  • Bee College - Agendas, Notes & Teacher Presentations 2020!
  • My Library of Books and Literature
  • Beginning Beekeepers - check-in here!

  • How to Choose a Bee Hive

    This page is presently a DRAFT...     it is very much "under construction".
    Last updated 24 July 2020 (Florida, USA)

    On another page, I provide a list of a multitude (over 40!) of types of bee hives, old and new, with links for each of them.
    This page is NOT intended to discuss and differentiate all types of beehives...   just a few in common useage.
    This page IS intended to help beginner beekeepers decide which type of hive is best for them.

    Langstroth Hive
    Horizontal Hive
    Top Bar Hive
    Layens Hive

  • Choosing Your Hive: A Closer Look at Langstroth, Warre and Top Bar Hives
  • FABQs: Where Should I Place My Hives?

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