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Honey, drone & worker brood

  • My personal list of Web Bookmarks
  • Types of Beehives - I list over 40 types!
  • Educational videos from Perfect Bee
  • Calendar - for Florida Beekeeping
  • Literature - Publications, Blogs, etc.
  • Terminology and Acronyms
  • HOW to buy a Queen Bee
  • HOW to choose a hive TYPE - (coming "soon")
  • Jamie Ellis' "Field Guide to Beekeeping"
  • YouTube channels plus films & documentaries
  • FaceBook's Groups on Beekeeping
  • Honey Labels, Facts, and Laws
  • My Hive Removals & Swarm Captures
  • Bee College - Agendas, Notes & Teacher Presentations 2020!
  • My Library of Books and Literature
  • Beginning Beekeepers - check-in here!

  • Resources (and some advice) for the Beginner Beekeeper

    FIRST:   Some of my personal history and a little advice...   BEFORE starting to keep bees (in Florida, USA)
  • I read lots of beekeeping books; I watched lots of beekeeping videos; I learned some vocabulary;
  • I joined a local beekeeping club; I got some "hands on" experience; I went to Bee College; I checked local laws;
  • I joined higher level organizations Florida State Beekeepers Association (FSBA) and American Beekeeping Federation (ABF);
  • I made a hive stand, I purchased a hive (there are many types), I scoped-out the best place to set it up, and I purchased some personal equipment.

  • Then, over a year after starting preparations, I got some bees!

    When I got bees, I knew everything I needed to know about bees!...   or so I thought...   but, I was wrong!
    I also thought that I would be the best beekeeper there ever was, and would have no problems or colony failures!...   but, again, I was wrong!
    Now, I continue to learn by books, videos, people, and by my mistakes!
    Yes, you too will make mistakes; accept it; deal with it (them!); learn, and carry on!

    Apologies to worldwide beginner beekeepers, for my focus on where I live (Florida, USA)... I can't focus on every location!
    That said, I hope that you find my advice and these resources to be helpful in your location.
    Bees are bees (wherever they are) and there are several varieties and many ways to keep them, especially considering location, region, and environment.
    Take advantage of great beginner guides like "Beekeeping in Australia... ", linked below; much of it will apply where you are!

    Some very general advice
    Choose your hive(s) wisely... there are many types available. [I'm building a web page on "How to Choose a Hive" ...soon(ish)]
    Get your 2nd hive soon. Two hives are better than one... a lot better! With two, you can compare their healh and one can be used to save the other!
    If and when needed, feed your bees! Good nutrition makes good bees and a healthy hive.
    Catch problems (beetles, moths, varroa, etc.) early! Don't ignore your hives; big (devastating!) problems can crop up very quickly!

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    Resources for Beginner Beekeepers
  • Beekeeping for Beginners - a Facebook Group
  • NewBee University: Beekeeping 101 - a Facebook Group
  • A FREE "5 Step Planning Guide to Becoming a Beekeeper" is available to members, from
  • Beekeeping 101 - from the "Backyard Beekeeping" website
  • Available here for download is a Free Beekeeping Guide
  • FABQs: Frequently Asked Beekeeping Questions
  • How to Start Beekeeping in Your Backyard - Backyard Beekeeping

  • Beekeeping in Australia: The Definitive Guide for Absolute Beginners
  • Presented online, but also includes a link to download the free 136 page guide, OR you can purchase a printed version.   It's awesome! A "must have"!
    This guide also has MANY important links at the end of the document!
  • Top 5 Beekeeping Tips For a Soon to Bee New Beekeeper!!!! - The Honeystead
  • Beginner Beekeeper’s Guide - by Beverly Bees
  • Nucleus (Nuc) vs. Package Bees ― What's Best For A Beginner?
  • Doug the Bee Guy - a series of basic videos on Beginning Beekeeping

  • "Beginner's" guides to more advanced topics
  • A beginner's guide to walk-away splits - Dyce Lab for Honey Bee Studies
  • A beginners guide to the Nicot Method of Queen Rearing - The Norfolk Honey Company

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    FaceBook's Groups for Beginner Beekeepers

  • Beekeeping Basics
  • Beekeeping for Beginners
  • Beekeeping for NewBees
  • Beekeeping Mentor Group
  • Beekeeping Questions
  • Friendly tips for basic beginner beekeepers
  • Illinois Newbie Beekeepers
  • NewBee University: Beekeeping 101
  • Newbie Beekeeping

  • Websites that Beginner Beekeepers should know about!
  • Melitto Files
  • eXtension - Bee Health Community
  • Bee Culture - Magazine of American Beekeeping
  • American Bee Journal
  • López-Uribe Lab
  • Bee Informed Partnership
  • Mid-Atlantic Apiculture Research and Extension Consortium - MAAREC
  • Scientific Beekeeping - by Randy Oliver
  • Two Bees in a Podcast
  • Pollinator Partnership

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    Books for the Beginner Beekeeper
    I've heard this is a great book,
    well presented & easily understood.
    An awesome guide, well presented, indexed, and quite comprehensive!
    See link, above.
    This book will help you understand the jargon of experiencd beekeepers that you talk to.
    It's one thing to learn about keeping bees. It's yet another to understand the bees. Thus, this book is highly recommended!

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